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SubjectLinuxPPS core (Version 1): the PPS Linux implementation.
This patch adds the PPS core support into Linux.

Currently I just propose the "core" so after inclusion we can add all
other related stuff as suggested by several people in this list. :)

PPS means "pulse per second" and its API is specified by RFC 2783
(Pulse-Per-Second API for UNIX-like Operating Systems, Version 1.0).

The code has been tested with the NTPD program
( and several GPS


Version [full patchset] -> 1

* stupid filenames removed.

* kernel-doc documentation of exported symbols.

* old BKL-locked ioctl removed.

* !uarg checks in the ioctls removed.

* pps.h revisited but not splitted, since several stuff are shared between
kernel and user land (I hope this will not stop inclusion...)


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