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Subject[patch 1/9] sys: Fix missing rcu protection for __task_cred() access
commit c69e8d9 (CRED: Use RCU to access another task's creds and to
release a task's own creds) added non rcu_read_lock() protected access
to task creds of the target task in set_prio_one().

The comment above the function says:
* - the caller must hold the RCU read lock

The calling code in sys_setpriority does read_lock(&tasklist_lock) but
not rcu_read_lock(). This works only when CONFIG_TREE_PREEMPT_RCU=n.
With CONFIG_TREE_PREEMPT_RCU=y the rcu_callbacks can run in the tick
interrupt when they see no read side critical section.

There is another instance of __task_cred() in sys_setpriority() itself
which is equally unprotected.

Wrap the whole code section into a rcu read side critical section to
fix this quick and dirty.

Will be revisited in course of the read_lock(&tasklist_lock) -> rcu

Signed-off-by: Thomas Gleixner <>
Cc: David Howells <>
Cc: James Morris <>
kernel/sys.c | 2 ++
1 file changed, 2 insertions(+)

Index: linux-2.6-tip/kernel/sys.c
--- linux-2.6-tip.orig/kernel/sys.c
+++ linux-2.6-tip/kernel/sys.c
@@ -163,6 +163,7 @@ SYSCALL_DEFINE3(setpriority, int, which,
if (niceval > 19)
niceval = 19;

+ rcu_read_lock();
switch (which) {
@@ -200,6 +201,7 @@ SYSCALL_DEFINE3(setpriority, int, which,
+ rcu_read_unlock();
return error;

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