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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/6] x86: Merge pt_regs using syscalls
On 12/09/2009 04:01 PM, Brian Gerst wrote:
> This patch set converts the 32-bit syscalls that need pt_regs to
> match the same prototype as 64-bit, using regparm(3) and adding
> the pt_regs pointer as an extra argument. This allows these
> syscalls to be merged.
> [PATCH 1/6] x86, 32-bit: Add new pt_regs stubs
> [PATCH 2/6] x86: Merge sys_iopl
> [PATCH 3/6] x86: Merge sys_execve
> [PATCH 4/6] x86: Merge sys_sigaltstack
> [PATCH 5/6] x86, 32-bit: Convert sys_vm86 & sys_vm86old
> [PATCH 6/6] x86: Merge sys_clone

I have applied this series to tip:x86/asm with the addition of avoiding
the extra pipeline serialization; assuming it doesn't break anything we
can consider if we can push it for .33. I really like the series,
though; it is very clean and does the right thing.


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