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On Wed, 2009-12-09 at 00:17 -0500, Jon Masters wrote:
> Steven,
> FYI I built a Linus tree yesterday with CONFIG_FTRACE_STARTUP_TEST
> enabled (as well as *all* other debug options, per usual setup) on a KVM
> instance running F12 userspace with otherwise "make localmodconfig".
> The kernel stalls at the ftrace tester and I eventually rebooted it. I
> didn't have any time to poke further, but I can do so if you don't
> already know about this problem.

Nope, I don't know of this. Although someone did tell me that they had a
bug with KVM and tracing. I got side tracked from debugging that. (still
kind of low priority).

But where exactly did it get stuck?

-- Steve

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