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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] perf/sched: fix for getting task's execution time

* Xiao Guangrong <> wrote:

> In current code, task's execute time is got by reading
> '/proc/<pid>/sched' file, it's wrong if the task is created
> by pthread_create(), because every thread task has same pid.
> This way also has two demerits:
> 1: 'perf sched replay' can't work if the kernel not compile with
> 2: perf tool should depend on proc file system
> So, this patch call getrusage() to get task's execution time instead
> of reading /proc file

ok, that's better than /proc, but how about using
PERF_COUNT_SW_TASK_CLOCK instead of rusage, to recover the CPU time
used? It would be more precise, and it would use the perf API. (Some
helper functions in tools/perf/lib/ would be nice to make it as easy to
use as rusage (or even easier if possible).)


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