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SubjectRe: [BISECTED, REGRESSION] Successful resume from suspend but freezes after I/O
On Tuesday 08 December 2009 00:05:11 Yinghai Lu wrote:
> the updated e820 table is the same to the one for 2.6.29...
> so could be some other patch cause the problem.
> please check if revert
> 2547089ca2db132e307ef68848ba029a8ec2f341
> could help.

I reverted to one commit before that, which would be
if I am not mistaken. I built and booted that kernel and could reproduce the
freeze with it (TBH this was not surprising to me, because I originally pinned
down the problem by bisecting the commits and this commit is after the one
bisecting found. Am I missing a detail here?)

But strangely enough the freeze this time produced an oops before it locked
the machine. I couldn't save it to a file but took a picture. The screenshot
is here:
The oops is _not _reproducable. After a reboot with this same kernel, a
suspend/resume cycle and some I/O the machine locks again without showing the


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