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SubjectRe: [PATCH] scripts/ Add warning about leading contination tests
J. Bruce Fields wrote:
> Where does this preference come from?
David Miller -- in response to a patch of mine that used:
- trailing && on existing lines that already had trailing &&, and
- leading && on existing lines that already had leading &&, and
- leading && on new code.

He decided he wants "consistency", existing code be damned.

> In
> excessivelylongcondition
> && anotherreallylongcondition
> && yetanotherunbelievablylongcondition
> && yetanotherwellyougettheidea
> I want to be able to keep the &&'s all justified.
Agree with you and Jean Delvare and thousands of other developers.

> Or look for well-typeset math or CS texts and try to find any that leave
> operators dangling on the right.

> I don't really care much about this particular point, but: the
> checkpatch output is already getting too verbose to be useful, without
> adding advice that's actually the opposite of what I'd normally want to
> do....
Yes, you are agreeing with a point Jean raised here, too.

Count me as opposed to this patch.

When I first looked at CodingStyle back in August, one thing that appealed
to me was the laid-back simpler style -- very few, very clear rules.

I'd prefer an addition to CodingStyle clarifying that we should not argue
about this minutiae.

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