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SubjectRt2x00 problem traced back to x86 ACPI/PCI/e820 handling.
Hi Ingo, Yinghai,

For a while now we have seen reports of the rt2x00 driver not working correctly
where bogus information was read from the EEPROM. This resulted in a non-functional
It has been established that the problem has introduced itself sometimes in the 2.6.31
development cycle.

Lately the failures have been traced back to commit 5d423ccd7ba4285f1084e91b26805e1d0ae978ed
of a patch created by Yinghai and committed Ingo.

Reverting this patch seems to fix the problems with the rt2x00 driver.

Also, it has been established that another work-around is to supply the pci=use_crs boot parameter.

Do any of you have any idea as to what is going on here, and if this is something where the
rt2x00 driver is at fault, or where the x86 ACPI/PCI/e820 code is buggy?

So far I can establish that all the cases for which it is known what kind of HW it is that these
are all MSI laptops.

The related bug reports are:


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