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SubjectRe: linux-next: net/kbuild trees build failure
On Mon, 2009-12-07 at 13:42 -0800, Michal Marek wrote:
> It seems there is some misunderstanding.
> The original problem reported by Stephen was that linux/utsrelease.h was
> moved to generated/utsrelease.h in the kbuild tree (that commit also
> patched init/version.c and all other users known at that time). This
> change in kbuild broke the new iwlwifi in the net tree. Stephen attached
> the most obvious fix, i.e. change linux/utsrelease.h to
> generated/utsrelease.h in the iwlwifi source
> ( My suggestion was to let Stephen
> carry the fix in linux-next for now, and once one of the trees (kbuild
> or net) hits mainline, the other tree would apply Stephen's patch. Would
> that work for everyone?

I am not involved in the merging part and would thus not be the one
applying Stephen's patch. I would like the iwlwifi patch that uses
UTS_RELEASE as well as Stephen's fix to find it in the right place to go
in though (end up in linux-2.6).

> Now if someone wants to remove the DRV_VERSION macro from iwlwifi or rip
> the UTS_RELEASE part out of it, that would make this problem go away,
> but I don't think it's necessary _just_ because of the kbuild change.

This is perhaps something John and I should discuss separately.

Thank you


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