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SubjectRe: [RFC] What are the goals for the architecture of an in-kernel IR system?
On Mon, Dec 07, 2009 at 06:54:39PM +0100, Emmanuel Fusté wrote:
> Mauro Carvalho Chehab wrote:
>> In summary,
>> While the current EVIO[G|S]KEYCODE works sub-optimally for scancodes up
>> to 16 bytes
>> (since a read loop for 2^16 is not that expensive), the current approach
>> won't scale with bigger scancode spaces. So, it is needed expand it
>> to work with bigger scancode spaces, used by more recent IR protocols.
>> I'm afraid that any tricks we may try to go around the current limits to still
>> keep using the same ioctl definition will sooner or later cause big headaches.
>> The better is to redesign it to allow using different scancode spaces.
> I second you: input layer events from drivers should be augmented with a
> protocol member, allowing us to define new ioctl and new ways to
> efficiently store and manage sparse scancode spaces (tree, hashtable
> ....).

Userspace has no business knowing how driver maps hardware data stream
into a keycode, only what is being mapped to what. The way is is done
can change from driver-to-driver, from release to release. If I come up
with an super-smart or super-stupid way of storing key mapping I won't
want to modify userpsace tools to support it.

> It will allow us to abstract the scancode value and to use
> variable length scancode depending on the used protocol, and using the
> most appropriate scheme to store the scancode/keycode mapping per protocol.
> The today scancode space will be the legacy one, the default if not
> specified "protocol". It will permit to progressively clean up the
> actual acceptable mess in the input layer and finally using real
> scancode -> keycode mappings everywhere if it is cleaner/convenient.

I am unable to parse this part, sorry.

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