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Subject[PATCH 0/9] Squashfs: Add support for LZMA compressed filesystems

The following patches add LZMA decompression support to Squashfs, using the
in-kernel LZMA decompression library.

The patches also add a decompression framework to Squashfs.
This allows LZMA decompression to be added cleanly, and it allows
additional decompressors to be easily added in the future.

To enable the in-kernel LZMA decompression code to be used by Squashfs,
there are two patches to the lzma code itself: one to make lzma available
to non-init code, and one to make lzma reentrant. These are obviously
not restricted to Squashfs, but are needed by any non-init code that
may wish to use lzma compression.

These patches are available in my squashfs-devel git tree in a slightly
different format (these patches have been refactored for posting, they'll
be put into a git tree ASAP).;a=summary

I would like to thank the CE Linux Forum (CELF) for supporting this work.



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