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SubjectRe: [PATCH 11/31] Constify struct file_operations for 2.6.32 v1
On 12/06/2009 03:38 AM, Emese Revfy wrote:
> Jiri Slaby wrote:
>> Apart you CCed hundreds of people
> I looked up the maintainers of the patched files from the kernel sources
> because I didn't know a better way to let everyone affected know.

Well, if you had per subsystem patches, you would Cc only relevant
people per patch.

>> and mixed thousand things together into one patch,
> I thought that the best way is to have one patch contain changes for
> a single structure type only.

The problem is that probably nobody will pick them up. Or you would need
to collect Acks from all participants and run with these to Andrew
Morton. Then it's up to him if he wants to merge them. If you split
them, you can ask concrete maintainers for a merge.


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