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Subject[2.6.32.git] commit 1cedae7 breaks gdb
Hi guys.  This commit:

commit 1cedae72904b85462082dbcfd5190309ba37f8bd
Author: Frederic Weisbecker <>
Date: Wed Dec 2 07:32:16 2009 +0100

hw-breakpoints: Keep track of user disabled breakpoints

breaks debugging with gdb (at least gdb-7.0, anyway).

For example, if you start firefox with the -g flag, it will run
in gdb. When running a kernel with this commit, gdb will stop
with the message: "Couldn't write debug register: No space left
on device". When trying to quit gdb by typing 'q', the process
hangs forever.

This seems to be related to the size of the program being debugged.
Running /bin/ls with gdb, for example, works normally. But large
programs like firefox, thunderbird, or evolution (from gnome) all
trigger the same error message.

Can anyone reproduce this?


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