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SubjectRe: tree with htc dream support

> > Where is the tree with HTC Dream support? I thought it was
> >
> >;a=summary
> >
> > but it does not seem to contain basic dream support (board file and
> > serial console) and I thought that was going to linus for 2.6.33...?
> It's here
> git://
> It's been in Linux-next for maybe two weeks .. I've been trying to
> decide if I should submit it for 2.6.33. I'm going to be adding boat
> loads of additional msm code and doing a fairly large merge for
> 2.6.34 .. So your code would get better testing if we wait for that.
> However, If you really want it in 2.6.33 I'll try to accommodate you.

It would be good to get it in 2.6.33, so that we can build on it, and
so that you are marked as official maintainer etc. I do not think that
code would benefit from any additional delays...

(cesky, pictures)

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