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SubjectRe: [PATCH] scripts/ Add warning about leading contination tests
On Sun, 2009-12-06 at 19:53 +0100, Jean Delvare wrote:
> I want to be able to tell
> people who submit patches to me: "run on your patch and
> solve every problem it reports before sending it to me again". If I
> must instead tell them: "run on your patch and fix what
> you want" then they might as well not fix anything, because they will
> not know which warnings _I_ find relevant and which I don't. Then the
> script becomes useless for that use case.

If you actually do that, you probably want them
to fix _every last problem_ because the patch is
either trivial or has so many broken elements
that asking that contributor to fix them all is
a learning experience for them.

> So if you are going to add checks which are icing on the cake, please
> disable them by default and only show them if the user explicitly asks

Making the test use the CHK function rather
than WARNING one seems sensible.

> > I think it's rather like the long line, >80
> > column warning. There are a whole lot more
> > than 8k long lines in kernel source and no
> > one is suggesting reformatting all of them
> > out of existence.
> Lines longer than 8_k_? I hope not ;)

Interpretive reading is like interpretive dance.
I've used compilers like that...

cheers, Joe

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