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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/4] vmscan: more simplify shrink_inactive_list()
> This patch depend on "vmscan : simplify code" patch (written by Huang Shijie)
> =========================================
> Now, max_scan of shrink_inactive_list() is always passed less than
> SWAP_CLUSTER_MAX. then, we can remove scanning pages loop in it.
> detail
> - remove "while (nr_scanned < max_scan)" loop
> - remove nr_freed variable (now, we use nr_reclaimed directly)
> - remove nr_scan variable (now, we use nr_scanned directly)
> - rename max_scan to nr_to_scan
> - pass nr_to_scan into isolate_pages() directly instead

Andrew, please don't pick up this patch series awhile. I and some vmscan
folks are working on fixing Larry's AIM7 problem. it is important than this
and it might makes conflict against this.

I'll rebase this patch series awhile after.

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