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    SubjectRe: [Patch] tty: move a definition out of switch block
    On Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 01:36, Cong Wang <> wrote:
    > Generally putting variables local in the local scope is fine, but
    > not for 'switch' block, to be more precisely, not for the case
    > where putting local variables between 'switch' and its _first_
    > label, IMO.

    It is fine to declare variables at the start of a switch statement.
    What *is* incorrect is either initializing such declared variables
    (they won't get initialized) or declaring variables *after* a case
    label (throws a compile error).

    > It can lead to misunderstanding easily, since 'switch'
    > jumps to its first label at a first glance. I know in this case
    > the code is _not_ wrong, but again, it's not good for reading.

    I would think the declaration inside the start of the switch block
    would just indicate to the reader that the variable is local to the
    switch block scope.

    > Also, there's no conflicts if we put it out of 'switch' block.

    But then the scope of these variables becomes larger than it need be.


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