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SubjectRe: [PATCH] OMAP2: add USB platform data and initialization for Nokia N800 and N810
On Tuesday 29 December 2009 03:05:46 pm Luke-Jr wrote:
> The last-working N8x0 support (Linux-OMAP 2.6.30-rc8) required 1706 lines
> of platform data and initialization, split up into 6 files:

Upon trying to debug my non-working keyboard, I learned that the status of
mainlining is actually worse off than I thought, and my "last 2.6.30-rc8
working" revision was actually already missing platform data.

It seems logical from looking at the code needed to divide the board into at
least 5 files (line number estimates based on old code):
460 board-n8x0-common.c
175 board-n800.c (FM radio, touchscreen)
260 board-n810.c (keyboard, light sensor, LEDs, touchscreen)
600 board-n8x0-multimedia.c (camera, audio, DSP)
725 board-n8x0-storage.c (flash, MMC)
120 board-n8x0-lcd.c

On that topic, is there a reason the newer code is under a unified "N8x0"
config option instead of the split N800/N810 that was used for the old code,
or is that simply a symptom of the currently-supported features all being


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