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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] arch/avr32: Fix build failure for avr32 caused by typo
    Am Montag 28 Dezember 2009 11:20:28 schrieb Haavard Skinnemoen:
    > Peter Hüwe <> wrote:
    > > Great, thanks for the update.
    > > The only thing that still catches my eye is that the kzalloc line can
    > > fail, so you should perhaps add something like
    > > if (!slave) {
    > > printk(KERN_ERR "No memory left for at32ap700x: at32_add_device_mc");
    > > goto fail;
    > > }
    > I agree, except that this is extremely unlikely to happen, so we should
    > either drop the printk() or use pr_debug() in order to waste as little
    > memory as possible in production systems.

    > I think your first patch is good as it is, so I will apply it. Please
    > send any additional fixes as a separate patch.

    Okay thanks for applying.

    @Hans: can you create the cleanup patch or should I ?

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