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SubjectRe: tree with htc dream support

> >> > I do plan to look at these, but I don't know when I'll get to it.
> >>
> >> So... this switches qdsp5 code from private version to version in
> >> staging. It actually boots.
> >
> > And when I replace .c's in qdsp5 with -msm version, it also works,
> > with diff being reasonably small.
> >
> > Now... how does camera driver work? I did not drivers/media/video/msm/
> > driver into the kernel, but camera application seems to still
> > work...?!
> Depends which version of the camera userspace code you've got. The
> stuff for cupcake/donut talks directly to the DSP and the DSP
> interacts with the VFE (video frontend, the camera data transport). I
> believe the new camera driver bypasses some (all?) of that and deals
> with the VFE directly. At least on 8k that's how it works (no DSP
> involvement at all).

I have 1.5 listed as "firmware version" under "about phone". I guess
that means "cupcake". Ok, so that looks like I do not have easy way of
testing camera driver, because my userland does not need it...
(cesky, pictures)

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