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SubjectRe: mac80211 suspend corner case (was: Asus eeepc 1008HA suspend issue and mac80211 suspend corner) case
On Wed, 2009-12-23 at 11:19 -0800, Luis R. Rodriguez wrote:

> Reason for me suggesting for mac80211 to deal with this is drivers
> won't know if their failed start() call will have been from resume and
> we likely won't add a bool to start() callback since we already
> debated this a while back.
> I don't really care about hardware failures in other cases right now,

Which is the problem.

If your hardware suddenly fails, _regardless_ of when, you need to
unregister from mac80211 since otherwise you'll get loads of callbacks
to failed hardware.

Resume really isn't as special as you'd like to believe.

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