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SubjectRe: 2.6.32 regression: unable to handle kernel paging request
>>>>>> removing from LDFLAGS_MODULE, my machine boots fine
>>>>>> and without any error messages:
>>>>> Looks like some necessary part of module image ends up in discarded
>>>>> sections. Before the commit, the build process kept those sections so
>>>>> it worked. The code has been there for some time now and you're the
>>>>> first one to report it, so I suppose your .config is a bit different
>>>>> from more usual ones. Can you please attach it?
>>>> it is not too different ... it is based on the .config file of the
>>>> ubuntu kernel with a few tweaks ...
>>>> one odd thing is, that i once was able to boot 2.6.32-rcX kernels, at
>>>> one point, i kept getting these bug messages ... i didn't (knowingly)
>>>> change the configuration, though ...
>>> Hmmm... weirdly I can't reproduce the problem here with the same
>>> config. Can you please attach "readelf -a lp.ko" with and without the
>>> struck out?
>> as i said before, the configuration is not really uncommon ... the
>> readelf output is attached.
> Hmmm.... I think it's more convoluted than I originally thought. I
> was expecting a missing section but in the broken case the linker has
> assigned addresses to sections even though it was a relocatable link.
> That's just strange.
> Can you please post the output of "ld --version"? Also, what distro
> are you on?

i am not at that specific machine, but the distribution is the same as
on my laptop, ubuntu 9.10, x86-64. i don't have any issues, running on my laptop, though ...

GNU ld (GNU Binutils for Ubuntu) 2.20

hth, tim


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