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SubjectRe: 2.6.33-rc1 Reboot right after bootloader
On Sun, Dec 20, 2009 at 12:34:57AM +0100, Michael Guntsche wrote:
> Good evening,
> I took me some time but I tracked down my reboot problem. The culprit is
> commit
> 4a2ff67c88211026afcbdbc190c13f705dae1b59: kbuild: fix bzImage build for
> x86
> The system I am compiling the kernel on has dash as its defaults shell.
> With the commit applied I get an instant reboot, reverting the patch
> makes it work again.
> If I switch my default shell to bash it works BOTH times.
> I do not know why the shell makes a difference here though.
> The version of dash is from debian unstable.

Hi Michael & Oliver.

Just to check what is going wrong here could you try to execute the following two commands:
printf \\xa8\\x51\\x37\\x00 > x ; hexdump x
/usr/bin/printf \\xa8\\x51\\x37\\x00 > x ; hexdump x
echo -ne \\xa8\\x51\\x37\\x00 > x ; hexdump x

Please try as above and also with full path to printf (/usr/bin/printf)

On my system it looks like this:

$ printf \\xa8\\x51\\x37\\x00 > x ; hexdump x
0000000 51a8 0037
$ /usr/bin/printf \\xa8\\x51\\x37\\x00 > x ; hexdump x
0000000 51a8 0037
$ echo -ne \\xa8\\x51\\x37\\x00 > x ; hexdump x
0000000 51a8 0037


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