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SubjectRe: [PATCH] HID: add multi-input quirk for NextWindow Touchscreen.
On 09/12/09 19:42, Peter Korsgaard wrote:
> Peter> [root@touchie sbin]# ./nwtool -u -i
> Peter> Version: 2.99
> Peter> Serial: 617241
> Peter> Model: 1901
> Peter> HW capabilities: 0x40
> Peter> Rightclick delay: 1000 ms
> Peter> Doubleclick time: 200 ms
> Peter> Report mode: 4
> Peter> Drag threshold: 500
> Peter> Buzzer time: 40 ms
> Peter> Buzzer tone: 40
> Peter> Calibration key: 4
> Peter> Calibration presses: 3
> Hmm, what is report mode 4? Some kind of multi touch mode?
> What do you see if you install the Nextwindow USB config tool under
> Windows (unfortunately doesn't work under Wine) and look in the mouse
> tab? I guess you have a 4th option here.
> I see this:

argh. now you made me use vista! ;)

Installed version 2.8 today, it offers three modes in his interface:
None, HID Mouse and "USB Digitiser". The last one was selected when I
started into Vista. There's an extra checkbox "Multi-Touch reporting"
that was not ticked.

The different combinations and the reporting mode output of nwtool:
USB Digitizer - multi-touch not ticked: reporting mode 4
USB Digitizer - multi-touch ticked: reporting mode 3
USB HID Mouse - multi-touch not ticked: reporting mode 1
USB HID Mouse - multi-touch ticked: reporting mode 9
None - multi-touch not ticked: reporting mode 0
None - multi-touch ticked: reporting mode 8

For reporting mode 4 and 3, the events are Z/Rx + touch
For reporting mode 1 and 9, the events are ABS_X/Y and left button
For reporting mode 0 and 8, no events are sent (unsurprisingly)

So it seems the only difference between our two models is the default
reporting mode - assuming that 4 is the default, we've had this thing
for a year without doing much with it but it could well be that someone
set it earlier or one of the HP Touchsmart software pieces changed it.

> >> It's probably offtopic here, but we can move the discussion to the X
> >> list if you prefer - Last time I asked there I didn't get any reply
> >> though:
> >>
> >>
> Peter> Ask louder :) I think I remember your email but it got flooded out of
> Peter> my inbox. In general there should be some method to do that though I
> Peter> need to check the implementation.
> OK, great - Let me know what you find. I did hack something up with
> evtouch, but would like to move to evdev instead.
> I'm willing to work on getting evdev to handle multi screen touchscreen
> setups better if needed, I just need a bit of guidance on how it should
> be handled.

replying to your email right now.


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