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Subject[How to upload our driver to ""] Would you give me your advice?

Our company is planning to upload our device drivers to "".
And I am investigating "How to upload".

Our company is developing some device drivers for new chip-set device.
It is not released yet, but the sample is in the test in the specific company.

I contacted this month.
The man recommended this mailing-list.

Would you give me your advice?
I am very glad if you help it.

We look forward to uploading the drivers to!

[Our drivers]
We are preparing the drivers source code.
And we uploaded them to
Please refer to below.

Our developers will turn our drivers into a patch series and to post
them to this mailing list.

[My information]
I participated in the mailing list for the first time in my life.
I am full of fears and hopes.

This mailing list is very lively and great!
I think so.

Thank you & Best regards,
Masa <>

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