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SubjectRe: RFC: A proposal for power capping through forced idle in the Linux Kernel
Salman Qazi <> writes:
> We'd like to get as much of our stuff upstream as we can. Given that
> this is a somewhat sizable chunk of work, it would be impolite of me
> to just send out a bunch of patches without hearing the concerns of
> the community. What are your thoughts on our design and what do we
> need to change to get this to be more acceptable to the community? I
> also would like to know if there are any existing pieces of
> infrastructure that this can utilize.

There were a lot of discussions on this a few months ago in context
of the ACPI 4 "power aggregator" which is a similar (perhaps
slightly less sophisticated) concept.

While there was a lot of talk about teaching the scheduler about this
the end result was just a driver which just starts real time threads
and then idles in them. This is in current mainline.

It might be a good idea to review these discussions in the archives.


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