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SubjectRe: Wrong atime on recent kernels
Andi Kleen napsal(a):
> Petr Titěra <> writes:
>> Hello,
>> I see some strange file modification times recently. It seems to
>> me that in some situations, kernel allows to set nanoseconds part of
>> file access, modification or change time to 100000000 ns. Problem
>> seems to be in some generic part of kernel because I see it on several
>> different filesysytems (ext4 and nilf2). These is I've got during my
>> testing on kernel 2.6.32-tip-08309-gad8e75a.
> Do you know which kernel was the last one to be not showing this?
To Be honest I'm not sure. I remember that I've seen it for the first
time when I tried to install kernel-2.6.32-0.65.rc8.git5.fc13.i686
package from Fedora Rawhide and that was on 7th December. The only
kernels I could be running at that time are:
2.6.32-rc8-tip-02151-gf00b740, 2.6.32-tip-02531-gbbbe9f2 or

> Is 2.6.32 plain ok?
Will test.

> -Andi


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