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SubjectRe: [POWER] battery calibration parameters from sysfs

> > > I'm not sure how familiar you are with the issues surrounding trying to
> > > do a voltage to charge mapping for a battery but it's much more complex
> > > than a simple table if you want to get it accurate. There's a lot
> > > of
> > Well... current zaurus kernels use _huge_ table that maps voltage to
> > battery %... and that table is linear function :-(.
> > Do you have some papers on that?
> Something like "Measure Battery Capacity Precisely in Medical Design"
> by Bernd Krafthoefer in Power Electronics Technology Jan 2005 might be
> useful here.

Well, that would really require extensive hardware modifications: it
needs _way_ more accurate ADCs on battery for a start, and a way to
generate huge load.

(cesky, pictures)

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