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SubjectRe: ATA support for 4k sector size
>>>>> "James" == James Andrewartha <> writes:

>> Given how long this has taken (we're now talking ~2011 for GA) it may
>> very well be that the alignment knobs will be unused because
>> everybody will be using Vista or 7 by then.

James> The plan does seem to have changed - WD's shipping 4k sector
James> drives that are sane and require a drive jumper or tool for WinXP
James> and old cloning utilities.

The disk vendors have agreed to transition no later than 2011. There
are definitely drives coming out with 4KB physical blocks before then.

There has been a lot of discussion of the merits of shipping 1-aligned
drives by default given that Vista and Windows 7 handle alignment

I don't think there has been any firm decisions in IDEMA wrt. 0
vs. 1-aligned. It may be up to each vendor's discretion, target market
segment, etc.

Martin K. Petersen Oracle Linux Engineering

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