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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/23] Removal of binary sysctl support
    Arnd Bergmann <> writes:

    > On Sunday 08 November 2009 12:16:43 Eric W. Biederman wrote:
    >> This patchset reimplements sys_sysctl as a compatibility wrapper
    >> around /proc/sys. After which it removes all of the code to all over
    >> the kernel that is used today to implement the binary sysctls.
    >> I am posting this patchset to give everyone a heads up what is in
    >> flight.
    >> I intend to carry all of these patches in my sysctl tree.
    > Very nice patches again!
    > Looking at what you did, I had two ideas how to move on from there,
    > which may be part of your plans already:
    > 1. Make it possible to build sysctl_binary.c as a loadable module
    > so you can get a smaller kernel without losing the option to use
    > binary sysctl altogether. This of course requires a small portion
    > to remain in the kernel, to provide the actual syscall entry point
    > and load the module on demand.

    I can see how this could make sense from a distribution perspective.

    > 2. On top of that, put the same code into glibc so that you don't
    > even have to load the module when you're running a new glibc version.
    > Since the binary sysctl ABI is stable (as in stiff and dead), there
    > should be no need to synchronize any extensions to it betwen kernel
    > and libc.

    I don't expect we will need to move this to glibc. There are so few
    users of sys_sysctl now, that I hardly expect it to be worth it to move
    this code out of the kernel.

    For me the big problem with sys_sysctl is solved by this patchset.
    It no longer constitutes a maintenance burden on the rest of the sysctl
    code, and the other sysctl users.

    Now the implementation of /proc/sys can be implemented and optimized without
    dealing with any sys_sysctl baggage.

    All of that said if someone is interested in tweaking sysctl_binary.c to make
    it easier to deal with sys_sysctl going away I don't have any problems.


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