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    Subject[PATCH 0/11] generic compat_sys_sysctl

    I am in the process of cleaning up, and converting the binary sysctl
    sysctl call into a wrapper on top of the text based proc/sys.

    A first step in that process is to introduce a generic
    compat_sys_sysctl to reduce the number of places I have to touch.
    The following patcheset is the start of my series for handling that.

    The only architecture specific changes should be replace the
    current architecture name for it's 32bit compat syscall with
    compat_sys_sysctl, and deleting the architectures private
    32bit compat syscall. The only requirement is that CONFIG_COMPAT
    be set when you need compat_sys_sysctl.

    These patches should just work, but an eyeball from someone who is
    familiar with the architecture specific details would be appreciated.
    I have only tested the 32bit compat code on x86_64.


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