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SubjectRe: [RFC] [PATCH] In-kernel gdbstub based on utrace Infrastructure.
* Peter Zijlstra <> [2009-11-30 13:09:12]:

> On Mon, 2009-11-30 at 17:33 +0530, Srikar Dronamraju wrote:
> > This patch implements an in-kernel gdb stub.
> > It provides an interface between gdb and Linux Kernel by implementing
> > the remote serial protocol. This gdbstub uses utrace infrastructure.
> > This patch provides register set access, signal mapping, process event
> > handling, input/output operations.
> >
> > /proc/<pid>/gdb was chosen as file for gdb to interact with the
> > process through remote serial protocol.
> >
> > Hence users would have to use "target remote /proc/<pid>/gdb" command
> > on gdb prompt to start using this infrastructure.
> >
> > For Breakpointing support, gdbstub needs User space breakpointing
> > layer and uprobes layer which will be posted later.
> How does this compare to kgdb and related efforts?

This is a In-kernel gdbstub to debug user space programs.
This stub doesnt help in debugging kernel.

Hence I am not sure how to compare kgdb gdbstub with this gdbstub.
Can you please provide more pointers on what you were referring to?

Thanks and Regards

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