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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/6] Clean up the sdio_uart driver and fix the tty code
    > > 	sdio_uart_irq
    > > sdio_uart_port_remove
    > > port->func = NULL;
    > > sdio_in
    > > BUG_ON
    > This is actually happening? sdio_claim_host()/sdio_release_host() act

    Found by inspection

    > like a mutex so sdio_uart_port_remove() will wait in sdio_claim_host()
    > until sdio_uart_irq() returns (SDIO interrupt handlers are called with
    > the host claimed).

    Ok that was a detail I was missing. That part of the locking now makes

    Ok so I think I have it fixed up barring stuff which is "feature add" -
    such as implementing TIOCMIWAIT and blocking on no carrier.

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