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    SubjectRe: Memset of length zero bugs
    On Thu, 2009-11-26 at 13:07 +0200, Török Edwin wrote:
    ... snip ...

    > inlined from ‘crosstest’ at drivers/mtd/tests/mtd_pagetest.c:219:
    > /home/edwin/builds/linux-2.6/arch/x86/include/asm/string_64.h:61:
    > warning: call to ‘__warn_memset_zero_len’ declared with attribute
    > warning: memset used with constant zero length parameter; this could be
    > due to transposed parameters
    > Now this one is interesting, the memsets are fine, however pgsize is
    > always zero, it is declared as 'static int pgsize' and never assigned a
    > value (hence it is always zero).
    > I didn't look at what mtd_pagetest wants to test, but the name suggests
    > that a pagesize of zero isn't a very useful test.

    Thanks for finding this, quite shame bug. I've fixed this in my
    l2-mtd-2.6.git tree:

    Best Regards,
    Artem Bityutskiy (Артём Битюцкий)

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