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    SubjectFw: reiser4 git repo
    [ I sent this 2 days ago to, maybe I'll
    get more responses in here. ]


    I would like to keep a git repo up to date with current kernel
    development, with reiser4 patched in. I am having trouble finding a
    repo that provides reiser4. Is there one?

    Some people may have noticed the last patch doesn't apply cleanly
    anymore. I made a few lines of modifications in my local repo. Maybe
    that repo would be interesting for others too*.

    I plan to catch up with changes from kernel development on a
    daily/weekly basis; my /home partition is reiser4, so I am fairly
    serious about it.

    At the moment, I fetch from torvalds/linux-2.6.git and
    stable/linux-2.6.31.y.git. Am I missing any other repositories that I
    should try to keep up with? (A fs subsystem maintainer repo?)
    next/linux-next.git is probably moving too fast for me.


    * How hard is it to get a repo?

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