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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] vfs: plug some holes involving LAST_BIND symlinks and file bind mounts (try #5)
    Jeff Layton wrote:
    > > check_path_accessible seems pretty horrible. If a process is running
    > > inside of a subdirectory it doesn't have permissions to access, say
    > > a chroot, /proc/self/fd/XXX becomes completely unusable.
    > >
    > Hmm...I have this in there:
    > + /* are we at global root or root of namespace? */
    > + if ((tdentry == root.dentry && vfsmnt == root.mnt) ||
    > + vfsmnt->mnt_parent == vfsmnt)
    > + break;
    > ...In the case of a chroot, wouldn't "current->fs->root" point to the
    > root of the process' namespace? Or am I misunderstanding what
    > current->fs actually represents?

    A process can run inside a subdirectory it doesn't have permissions to
    access without that being a chroot.

    It can also run inside a subdirectory that isn't accessible from it's
    root, if that's how it was started - as well as having other
    descriptors pointing to things outside its root.

    It can also be passed file descriptors from outside it's root while
    it's running.

    Really, I think the /proc/PID/fd/N check should restrict the open to
    the O_* limitations that were used to open fd N before, and not have
    any connection to actual paths at the time of this check.

    -- Jamie

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