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    SubjectKernel compilation Question
    Hi all,

    I tried compiling the wireless 2.6 kernel on my debian machine using
    make-kpkg and being lazy, i just did make defconfig, and saw that my
    compilation went fine without any issues, but i noticed that there was
    no ramdisk image that was generated when i installed the linux-image*.deb.

    i did use --initrd option,

    Was it because, using make defconfig compiles everything on the kernel
    itself? Aren't there any 'm' option in defaults?(dunno just asking if
    this is the case)

    or did i miss something out

    Please see if i missed some step

    Summary of steps performed.

    extracted wireless 2.6 source onto /usr/src

    created symbolic link

    make defconfig (i did not copy my existing config file to .config, i
    just wanted to try out make defconfig option)

    make-kpkg --initrd --append-to-version=foo --revision=bar kernel_image
    modules_image kernel_headers

    this created 2 files linux-image* and linux-headers*, i was missing the
    modules image also(but that was a second question)

    did dpkg -i linux-image*

    updated grub and placed files in /boot, but did not create initrd image.
    Why is that?


    Balaji R

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