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SubjectRe: [PATCH] [Repost without wordwrapping] Merge m68k and m68knommu
On Wednesday 18 November 2009 01:32:25 Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:

> > The patch modifies the toplevel Makefile so that ARCH=m68knommu still
> > works (by setting SRCARCH=m68k) and adds the m68knommu Kconfig and
> > Makefile to the m68k Kconfig and Makefile, using the definition of ARCH
> > to select which values to use.
> (still dreaming of my pet Amiga-nommu project) I prefer to use
> CONFIG_MMU as the selector...

CONFIG_MMU is used as the selector elsewhere, but for Kconfig and the
Makefiles something else was needed.
> > Thus when building for either a m68k or an m68knommu target, one still
> > specifies either ARCH=m68k or ARCH=m68knommu and everything should
> > build EXACTLY as it did pre-merge.  (I think).
> ... using CONFIG_MMU would change this?

Yes; originally I tried using CONFIG_MMU to choose between the mmu and nommu
portions of the Kconfig and Makefile, but that broke the defconfigs. Rather
than patch the defconfigs or make a more elaborate patch for the Kconfig, for
this initial patch I wanted to keep it as simple and as un-invasive as
possible so that it would be trivial (?) to verify the merged kernel tree
produces a kernel that is the same as the pre-merged kernel tree, thus
providing a baseline for bisecting any problems with the subsequent patches
that do the real merging of the individual files. A later patch will do a
better job of merging the Kconfigs and Makefiles. Then you'd be able to have
your Amiga-nommu and I can have my Coldfire 5484 either as mmu or nommu...

Steven King -- sfking at fdwdc dot com

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