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SubjectRe: [PATCH] kbd: (#7063) make CapsLock work as expected even for non-ASCII
Just to make sure you really understand.

Samuel Thibault, le Thu 19 Nov 2009 14:28:28 +0100, a écrit :
> Now, as I said, kbd's issue is that it doesn't have any way to express
> that a unicode keysym should get capslock behavior, due to kernel
> interface limitation.

And that's precisely why I just showed how such limitation could be

> > > More precisely, in the kbd source code, in the add_capslock function, in
> > > the unicode case, instead of ignoring the '+', add 0xD800 to the unicode
> > > value if it is below 0x0800.
> >
> > You suggest to change kernel and keymap and kbd and introduce 0xD800 hack.
> > This is not going to fly.
> Sure, that's precisely what I said here:
> > > But again, that's a very limited fix and just fixing the LED interface
> > > would allow to just use modifiers and permit much more powerful keymaps.

So we agree, and so the right solution is to either completely rework
the interface (ugh), or just add LED routing (which can be very useful,
actually, I for instance don't care at all about the num lock state, but
I _do_ care about the lock that lets me shift between different keyboard

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