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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 17/11]Optimize the upload speed for PPP connection.
    David Miller wrote:
    > From: William Allen Simpson <>
    > Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2009 05:20:09 -0500
    >> What David may have meant, had he followed
    >> Documentation/ManagementStyle or had any project management skills
    >> what-so-ever, is that you need to follow
    >> Documentation/SubmittingPatches more carefully.
    > Are personal attacks on me really necessary?
    Actually, ironic sarcasm (juxtaposition) is a form of humor, fairly
    popular on such venues as "The Daily Show". :-)

    > Do you want me to look closely at your patches with a high priority
    > when you submit them for inclusion?
    Great, you're planning to start a new practice? So far, I've only been
    blessed with:

    * 1st contact (Oct 2):

    "Otherwise asking for a is absolutely pointless as we have no
    context in which to judge the code you're showing us."

    The context (and entire previous patch) was pointed at by a link
    in the message, and an internet-draft, but that would have required
    effort (clicking and browsing).

    Not exactly what I'd call "look closely at your patches"....

    * 2nd contact (Oct 5), replying to my post of Oct 3:

    "struct tcp_sock is already WAY TOO BIG on 64-bit systems, adding
    20 more bytes to it for some odd-ball feature is not something I'm
    willing to do, sorry."

    Always delighted to know our work is an "odd-ball feature"....

    * 3rd contact, sending private email to you as maintainer, suggested by
    Andi Kleen's "On submitting kernel patches" for resolving conflicts,
    and getting flamed for sending private email to you!

    * Recently, flamed for re-sending a query (after waiting 30 days):

    "Complaining that your work isn't getting looked at in a timely
    manner will always have the exact opposite effect that you want,
    it makes people have a smaller desire to look at your stuff."

    Yeah, 30 days just isn't long enough.... Fortunately, Eric Dumazet
    and Paul E. McKenney were really helpful (and others privately), and
    I thank them again!

    * 2 days ago, flamed again for re-sending a patch (after waiting 5 days),
    although you'd never Ack'd or otherwise responded.

    > You may be right, but that doesn't matter if you're interested in
    > working together with me in the future. There are diplomatic ways to
    > do everything, and this wasn't one of those ways.
    Working *together* would be handy! But that implies cooperation and
    respect -- *not* biting the newbies nor dropping the F-bomb.

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