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    SubjectRe: [PATCH -next 0/3] x86 insn decoder test updates (Re: linux-next: Tree for October 29 (x86 posttest))
    Ingo Molnar wrote:
    > * Masami Hiramatsu <> wrote:
    >> Here are the patches which update x86 instruction decoder build-time
    >> test. As Stephen reported on linux-next, sometimes objdump decodes bad
    >> instructions as normal. This will cause a false positive result on x86
    >> insn decoder test. This patches update the test as below;
    >> - Show more information with V=1
    >> - Show in which symbol the difference places.
    >> - Just warning instead of build failure.
    > yes, -tip testing was showing such build bugs too:
    > Error: ffffffff8104aae3: c5 83 3d 49 80 ee lds 0xffffffffee80493d(%rbx),%eax
    > Error: objdump says 6 bytes, but insn_get_length() says 3 (attr:0)
    > it happens with older tools, such as binutils-2.17. Modern binutils
    > (2.19) is fine.

    Thank you for telling me.

    > We dont want to remove the build error: it helped us fix a number of
    > real bugs in the decoder - instead please try to create a make based
    > workaround based on binutils, to not run the test with binutils older
    > than 2.19 or so.

    OK, that's fine for me.

    Thank you,
    Masami Hiramatsu

    Software Engineer
    Hitachi Computer Products (America), Inc.
    Software Solutions Division


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