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SubjectOops on i915 on 8086:a011 pine trail 2.6.32-rc6
Getting an oops with a pine trail netbook I'm doing testing on on
2.6.32-rc6 with a fresh new distro kernel for the next Ubuntu 10.04

The machine boots fine with 2.6.31.

The oops happens early on the boot process, I'll next rebuild my own
with early boot delay (CONFIG_BOOT_PRINTK_DELAY) as that seems to be
the only way I'm going to get this full trace out. Good thing is its
100% reproducible so I should be able to bisect. The only thing
visible so far is the end of the oops:

PS. who maintains i915? I see no entry for it on MAINTAINERS and it
took me a while to find the (only
member posting) list. Is this the right list?


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