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    SubjectRe: Intel P55 Chipset BUG [usbhid-raw/devices/broken?] [tested 3 different UPS']

    On Sun, 1 Nov 2009, Matthew Dharm wrote:

    > On Sun, Nov 01, 2009 at 12:11:44PM -0500, Alan Stern wrote:
    >> On Sat, 31 Oct 2009, Justin Piszcz wrote:
    >>> 1. 5 minutes of usbmon output on via chipset [working]
    >>> 2. 5 minutes of usbmon output on intel p55 usb chipset [ehci/not working]
    >> To summarize the differences between the logs, the Intel controller
    >> shows occasional instances of failed transfers like this:
    >> ffff8802138c8500 3487005687 S Ci:2:004:0 s 81 06 2100 0000 0009 9 <
    >> ffff8802138c8500 3487006051 C Ci:2:004:0 -32 0
    >> while the corresponding transfers worked with the VIA controller:
    >> ffff88020c46dd40 1774844264 S Ci:4:002:0 s 81 06 2100 0000 0009 9 <
    >> ffff88020c46dd40 1774855248 C Ci:4:002:0 0 9 = 09211001 21012237 04
    >> and indeed they worked in the other Intel logs (the failures appeared
    >> to be more or less at random).
    >> This does indeed look like a low-level hardware problem, but I'm
    >> hesitant to blame it on the chipset. For example, the problem might
    >> lie in the hub you've got between the UPS and the computer. I know,
    >> this doesn't explain why everything works okay with the VIA controller.
    >> Probably the only way to tell for sure what's really happening is by
    >> using an expensive bus analyzer.
    >> Have you tried bypassing that hub, and plugging the UPS directly into
    >> the computer?


    I do not use any hubs in this environment, everything is directly
    attached to the motheboard. Per Matthew (noted below) when I
    mention hub I am talking about your typical USB hub one would
    attach to a USB port on the board, not the integrated one on the
    motherboard. Everything is directly attached from the motherboard
    to each respective device.

    MOBO -> UPS
    MOBO -> KBD
    MOBO -> etc

    > I think P55 chipset has an integrated hub, which is not removeable. The
    > only USB controller is EHCI, and that is connected directly to a hub in the
    > silicon which provides multiple downstream ports and does the translation
    > to 1.0 speeds. So the hub cannot be bypassed.
    > Two things to note:
    > 1) Not all ports on that silicon are the same. Specifically, ports 1 and 9
    > have special properties (related to USB-based debugging). You should try
    > other ports (note that I count ports starting at 0).
    I have tested every port on the motherboard (the 8 on the back and 4 off
    of the USB headers on the motherboard):

    The problem occurred on every port.

    > 2) I noticed this article:
    > -- this may
    > suggest that there are other issues with P55 chipset and USB. According to
    > this article, as with this reported issue, adding an external USB hub
    > doesn't help, but an add-in PCI USB card does. We may have to consider a
    > P55 issue as a possibility here.
    Very interesting-- the C-state option for the CPU is on/enabled in the
    BIOS, it has always remained on, I never disabled it.


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