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Subject[PATCH 0/9 v2] KVM: Nested SVM fixes and tracepoint conversion
Hi Avi, Marcelo,

this series of patches contains bugfixes for the Nested SVM code and the
conversion of Nested SVM debugging to tracepoints. The fixes are:

1) A patch Alex already sent (1/9) but which was not yet
applied. It fixes a lost event_inj problem when we emulate
a vmrun and a vmexit without entering the guest in
the meantime.

2) The patch 2/9 fixes a schedule() while atomic bug in the
Nested SVM code. The KVM interrupt injection code runs
with preemtion and interrupts disabled. But the
enable_irq_window() function from SVM may emulate a
#vmexit. This emulation migth sleep which causes the
schedule() while atomic() bug.

These fixes (patches 1 and 2) should also be considered for -stable

The patches 3 to 8 convert the old printk based debugging for Nested SVM
to tracepoints. Patch 9 removes the nsvm_printk code. Please review
and/or consider to apply these changes.



Changes to v1:

* Fixed typo on comment in patch
"KVM: SVM: Notify nested hypervisor of lost event injections"
* Made the fix for the schedule()-while-atomic bug out of the generic
code. It touches only SVM code now.


arch/x86/kvm/svm.c | 107 +++++++++++++++++++++-----------
arch/x86/kvm/trace.h | 165 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
arch/x86/kvm/x86.c | 6 ++
3 files changed, 242 insertions(+), 36 deletions(-)


Alexander Graf (1):
KVM: SVM: Notify nested hypervisor of lost event injections

Joerg Roedel (8):
KVM: SVM: Move INTR vmexit out of atomic code
KVM: SVM: Add tracepoint for nested vmrun
KVM: SVM: Add tracepoint for nested #vmexit
KVM: SVM: Add tracepoint for injected #vmexit
KVM: SVM: Add tracepoint for #vmexit because intr pending
KVM: SVM: Add tracepoint for invlpga instruction
KVM: SVM: Add tracepoint for skinit instruction
KVM: SVM: Remove nsvm_printk debugging code

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