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    SubjecteGalax TouchScreen

    (please CC me directly)

    i don't need this touchscreen any longer, and would like to donate it to
    anybody willing to work on improved support.

    10" (currently used with an MSI Wind)
    0eef:0001 D-WAV Scientific Co., Ltd eGalax TouchScreen
    (you can find this touchscreen on ebay)

    I once was able to make the touchscreen work, but it wasn't as easy as
    pluging the touchscreen in.

    First come first served, except for Daniel Ritz (the developer of the
    touchscreen module), who has highest priority.

    Please just email me your address. I will try to update:
    as fast as possible.

    Please give me ~1week to prepare the package (and also give Daniel some
    time to respond).


    here are some details i found out:

    There are currently 3 ways an eGalax touchscreen 0eef:0001 can be
    handled by the kernel.

    1) tkusb: a module (GPL) provided by the manufacturer, which is not in
    the kernel and (AFAIK) requires a binary-only xorg module. [1]

    2) usbhid: which recognized my touchscreen, but I was not able to make
    it work in xorg.

    3) the usbtouchscreen module. This module only "accepts" the
    touchscreen if usbhid did not (so I currently unload usbhid before
    activating the touchscreen).
    This module however only works if the touchscreen is set to use a
    different mode. (loading the tkusb module before the usbtouchscreen
    module works, as tkusb sends this mode-change command to the touchscreen

    The touchscreen works perfectly with usbtouchscreen and evdev. I was
    not able to make it work in any other way.

    If I understood the usbtouchscreen code correctly you would just need to
    add a device specific init for eGalax touchscreens and send the command
    ([2]) to the device. (AFAIK eeti does the same in their tkusb module
    for every eGalax touchscreen).

    [1] <>
    [2] code from eeti-driver tkusb.c:
    scr->output[0] = 0x0A;^M
    scr->output[1] = 1;^M
    scr->output[2] = 'A';^M
    if( !DoSendData( scr, 3 ) )^M
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