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    SubjectRe: [this_cpu_xx V6 1/7] this_cpu_ops: page allocator conversion
    Tejun Heo wrote:
    > This looks much better but I'm not sure whether it's safe. percpu
    > offsets have not been set up before setup_per_cpu_areas() is complete
    > on most archs but if all that's necessary is getting the page
    > allocator up and running as soon as static per cpu areas and offsets
    > are set up (which basically means as soon as cpu init is complete on
    > ia64 and setup_per_cpu_areas() is complete on all other archs). This
    > should be correct. Is this what you're expecting?

    Also, as I'm not very familiar with the code, I'd really appreciate
    Mel Gorman's acked or reviewed-by.



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