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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] perf_events: add event constraints support for Intel processors
Peter Zijlstra writes:

> > By design of this API, the user should never be concerned about
> > ordering the events
> > in a group a certain way to get a successful assignment to counters.
> > This should all
> > be handled by the kernel.
> Agreed, the POWER implementation actually does this quite nicely, maybe
> we should borrow some of its code for scheduling groups.

Yeah, I'm quite pleased with how that code turned out, and I'd be
happy to help adapt it for other architectures. The one design
handles all the POWER PMUs from POWER4 with multiple layers of event
multiplexers feeding an event bus (and some events available through
more than one multiplexer) through to the much simpler and more
straightforward POWER7.


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