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    SubjectRe: Disassociating atheros wlan with 2.6.31
    On Sun, Oct 4, 2009 at 8:45 AM, Kristoffer Ericson
    <> wrote:
    > Hi,
    > Did a bisect or more exactly tried to do a bisect. Ive managed to bisect myself
    > into a deadend so far (must have marked good in wrong place). The disassociation happens
    > at seemingly regular intervalls but once I started bisecting it started
    > to be more irregular. Perhaps it was simply due to me not being able
    > to user internet (and share) since my 3G modem oopsed all the time.
    > Suspecting its load sensitive.
    well, as easy as it seems I did at one point forget what was good/bad
    on a bisect a few weeks ago.(hey your human).

    > Anyhow heres what I got so far. The bad versions should be correct
    > while the good versions might not be. Reason being that I didnt wait
    > long enough for the disassociation to appear and thus faulty marking
    > something as good.
    > Using the bad should however narrow it down somewhat. From what
    > I can see between my last good and bad is only non-related stuff,
    > so must be atleast one "good" mistake in there.
    > git bisect start
    > # good: [07a2039b8eb0af4ff464efd3dfd95de5c02648c6] Linux 2.6.30
    > git bisect good 07a2039b8eb0af4ff464efd3dfd95de5c02648c6
    > # bad: [74fca6a42863ffacaf7ba6f1936a9f228950f657] Linux 2.6.31
    > git bisect bad 74fca6a42863ffacaf7ba6f1936a9f228950f657
    > # good: [925d74ae717c9a12d3618eb4b36b9fb632e2cef3] V4L/DVB (11736): videobuf: modify return value of VIDIOC_REQBUFS ioctl
    > git bisect good 925d74ae717c9a12d3618eb4b36b9fb632e2cef3
    > # bad: [a380137900fca5c79e6daa9500bdb6ea5649188e] ixgbe: Fix device capabilities of 82599 single speed fiber NICs.
    > git bisect bad a380137900fca5c79e6daa9500bdb6ea5649188e
    > # bad: [1dbb5765acc7a6fe4bc1957c001037cc9d02ae03] Staging: android: lowmemorykiller: fix up remaining checkpatch warnings
    > git bisect bad 1dbb5765acc7a6fe4bc1957c001037cc9d02ae03
    > # bad: [2b1b62e841867326fa260a581d97941c32abc35b] MIPS: Cavium-Octeon: Add more board type constants.
    > git bisect bad 2b1b62e841867326fa260a581d97941c32abc35b
    > # good: [517d08699b250021303f9a7cf0d758b6dc0748ed] Merge branch 'akpm'
    > git bisect good 517d08699b250021303f9a7cf0d758b6dc0748ed
    > # good: [5e2c217eee18a4627a32c49f57f47dbac67dcf23] V4L/DVB (11958): usbvision-core.c: vfree does its own NULL check
    > git bisect good 5e2c217eee18a4627a32c49f57f47dbac67dcf23
    > # bad: [a9349315f65cd6a16e8fab1f6cf0fd40f379c4db] V4L/DVB (11819): Siano: smscore - fix get_common_buffer bug
    > git bisect bad a9349315f65cd6a16e8fab1f6cf0fd40f379c4db
    > # good: [06f837cadbcdedb45f0702cb57c99c404ae921e6] V4L/DVB (11784): cx88: Fix race condition between cx8800 startup and hald
    > git bisect good 06f837cadbcdedb45f0702cb57c99c404ae921e6
    > # good: [1339f9108a84710969903e892dcf1849ae1215cf] V4L/DVB (11726): Modify the file license to match all other Siano's files
    > git bisect good 1339f9108a84710969903e892dcf1849ae1215cf
    > Best wishes
    > Kristoffer Ericson

    When I get a chance I can try a bisect and see.
    If you decide to redu and come up with a specific
    commit then I guess well go from there.

    Justin P. Mattock

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