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SubjectALPS touchpad with 4 directions button doesnt work as intended
I have a acer 5720G laptop, and its touchpad (ALPS) has three buttons,
usual left/right, and middle button that can be pressed in 4 directions.
Up/down direction work fine, but left/right doesn't. This means that
left direction produces middle button click, and right direction
doesn't work at all.
I took a look at source, and I see that driver doesn't even know about
such configuration.

Now I am sure its very easy to figure out what is send when no working
button is pressed, but I am a bit confused what BTN_* event to assign to
it, so it will work as horizontal scroll as intended.
And unassign middle button from other direction....

Can you help me a bit?

I am ccing authors of alps.c

Best regards,
Maxim Levitsky

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