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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86, mce: disable MCE if cpu has no MCE banks

Hidetoshi Seto wrote:
> Andi Kleen wrote:
>> Hidetoshi Seto wrote:
>>> Without disabling, what can we do on MCE with no bank?
>> Nothing, but is it really worth adding a special case?
> If question were:
> - is it really worth to support this special environment,
> "MCE-capable but no MCE banks" ?
> then I'd like to say no.
> So I suggested to disable MCE on this uncertain environment.
> Or we will end up adding more codes for special cases...
>>> I found that do_machine_check() does nothing if banks==0 ... it is better
>>> to let system to panic with "Machine check from unknown source"?
>> IMHO yes. In this case the system must be very confused and panic is the
>> best you can do. Otherwise it won't do anything interesting anyways.
> Agreed, but this is also a special case.
> Not depending on the real number of banks, confused system could fail to
> get the value from memory... Humm, in theory MCE handler must be
> implemented carefully, but I bet the confused value will not be always 0,
> ... is it worth to do?
>>>>> Hum, I suppose the line for CPU 0 was slightly different from others,
>>>>> because SHD means "this bank is shared bank and controlled by other".
>>>>> Maybe:
>>>>> CPU 0 MCA banks CMCI:0 CMCI:1 CMCI:2 CMCI:3 CMCI:5 ... CMCI:21
>>>>> But I agree that we could some work for this messages...
>>>>> Is it better to change the message level to debug from info?
>>>> Can be made INFO yes, but I would prefer not removing them
>>>> from the dmesg for now.
>>>> Perhaps they could be also compressed a bit like SRAT.
>>> Like SRAT? I could not catch the meaning ... For example?
>> See the recent patches from David Rientjes in the same original thread.
> I found it, thanks.
> So I suppose your idea is like:
> CPU 0 MCA banks CMCI:{0-3,5-9,12-21} POLL:{4,10,11}
> CPU 1 MCA banks SHD:{0,1,6-9,12-21} CMCI:{2,3,5} POLL:{4,10,11}
> right?
> IMHO the format I suggested is better to read, as far as banks is
> not so big number.
> CPU 1 MCA banks map : ssCC PCss ssPP ssss ssss ss
> Thanks,
> H.Seto

The problem comes up when you have a whole bunch of cpus, and the lines
become redundant. Can you compress the lines so that cpus with the
same given mappings are printed on one line?


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